Do you want to grow in God’s grace and your understanding of the gospel? Get a solid foundation for your faith? Want to be equipped for life and ministry? Do you have a desire for a flourishing local church life and strategic church planting? Do you want to study in an environment shaped by serious theological, spiritual, incarnational and missional commitments? If yes, United Academy is what you are looking for!

Salvation can be boiled down to know God and make Him known, by God’s grace for God’s glory. That’s why we in United Academy teach and train people for a life and ministry to God’s glory alone, based on Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone revealed in Scripture alone.

United’s vision is to establish churches in the big cities around the world, and as a student at United Academy you will be part of United Malmö – a vibrant and growing church, where new people come to faith and new churches are launched continuously.

Welcome to United Academy – shaping your life by God’s grace with God’s word for God’s glory.


Magnus & Gunilla Persson
Lead Pastors United



United Academy is a full time course where you will study the Bible in great depth, get valuable teaching in leadership, as well as both theoretically and practically learn how to build a growing church. To spend a year at the Academy is an investment that has the potential to transform your life, as well as change your view on God, yourself and others. We want to give you a sound biblical foundation, train you in leadership and see you flourish in your calling to build His church. Investing in a year like this will impact the rest of your life!

Christian Lindstedt
Head Teacher of the Academy


In the Bible unit you will get a profound understanding of how to interpret the Bible by learning a Historical Grammatical method of Bible study. You will learn how to observe, interpret and apply the biblical texts, and will study a number of biblical books based on this method and gain an understanding of the biblical texts and their message. This will in turn, have a major impact on your life and relationship with God. You will also have several courses in systematic theology, getting a Bible-rooted knowledge of the foundations of faith. The love for the Word of God will grow day by day, and there is a great risk that you will be totally absorbed, and transformed by it!

The teaching within the Leadership unit will challenge, stretch and inspire you to become a credible leader with a profound understanding of different leadership skills and abilities. You will do a professional leadership-training program (DISC) to get better self-knowledge as well as a greater understanding of how to work and get along with different people. You will do a personal behaviour profile to gain insight into how you relate to others and how you can develop further as a team member, co-worker and leader. You will among other subjects be taught in time and conflict management, coaching and team building. Leadership is crucial for every person’s life and for all church growth!

In the Church Planting unit, you will learn the process of forming church planting teams and get valuable insights in how to start new churches. You will study church history along with the values and principles that have always been the characteristics of emerging churches. You will among other subjects study the constitution and commission of the church, as well as the culture and the community of the church. Every week you will be challenged to convert theories into practice, as you prepare, perform and participate in one of United’s church services and Connects!



Tuesday – Friday from 08:00 am to 1.30 pm. In addition you are actively involved in two church services every week.

Each week you are on a team that produces and implements the service in one of the churches of United Malmö. Therefore you have the opportunity to get behind the scenes and become a part of the culture and values that enable a growing church. You will also be part of a Connect Group that meets every week, where you share life and have a great time together. After a year at United Academy you will obtain far more than just theoretical knowledge; you will also have personal experience in what it means to build a growing church.

United Academy’s highly acclaimed seminars are held each week, and are led by a staff member at United. In the seminar groups students study the disciplines in depth through interesting case studies, conversations, and animated discussions.

United Open is an annual leadership conference for church leaders from Scandinavia and Europe. As a student you will gain a valuable and unique experience by participating in the planning and practical preparations for the conference. During the actual implementation you will volunteer for one of the teams creating the conference – an extraordinary experience!

At the beginning of the winter semester the whole class will travel to a beautiful courtyard hotel in northern Skåne on a fantastic 24-hour trip.

United Trainee is a unique opportunity to become a part of United’s staff and team for a year in United Malmö. You can only apply if you have graduated from United Academy or a similar program. There are only a few spots available.

United Academy is a course offered by June Folkhögskola, whereas teaching is located to Malmö. All teaching at United Academy is free. However there is a course fee that covers all course literature during the year, compendiums, insurance, the class trip and coffee/tea in the breaks etc. The fee for the autumn term is 3900 SEK. This fee is payable on the first day of the school term, August 27. The fee for the spring term is 3500 SEK and can be divided into two payment dates – January 29 and March 26.

CSN United Academy is a full-time education at June Folkhögskola. Depending on your citizenship you can apply for student aid or study allowance at CSN.

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