United Academy 14/15

Do you want to grow in God’s grace and your understanding of the gospel? Get a solid foundation for your faith? Want to be equipped for life and ministry? Do you have a desire for a flourishing local church life and strategic church planting? Do you want to study in an environment shaped by serious theological, spiritual, incarnational and missional commitments? If yes, United Academy is what you are looking for!

Salvation can be boiled down to know God and make Him known, by God’s grace for God’s glory. That’s why we in United Academy teach and train people for a life and ministry to God’s glory alone, based on Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone revealed in Scripture alone.

United’s vision is to establish churches in the big cities around the world, and as a student at United Academy you will be part of United Malmö – a vibrant and growing church, where new people come to faith and new churches are launched continuously.

Welcome to United Academy – shaping your life by God’s grace with God’s word for God’s glory.


Magnus & Gunilla Persson
Lead Pastors United